About Us

We are a family owned business since June, 2010.  

We have a brick & mortar Retail Warehouse located in Westminster, SC.  We are 1 acre under roof and have a large Orange Horse that sits atop our building, hence the nickname "The Orange Horse Store".

In 2018, we started selling new furniture as well as our overstock / damaged furniture.  The demand has been great and that department has grown exponentially.  We are so grateful for our Furniture Sales Team. They do a wonderful job in caring for the needs of our customers.  

God has blessed us tremendously with honest and dependable Vendors and we are thankful for the relationships that we have formed over the years.  It has been much trial and error and learning experiences but we have been supported by amazing customers and even more amazing team members.  

Our Mission is to use our platform to make a difference for Christ in our community while providing our customers with a quality product at an incredible price.  Our CORE values are Humility, Integrity, Respect, Kindness, and a sense of community responsibility.  We want to create not only exceptional value to our customers and friends but also eternal value by honoring God in all that we do.